SPACES: Aesthletics in Moldova by Tom Russotti

SPACES: Aesthletics in Moldova
by Tom Russotti


The Institute for Aesthletics has launched its first ever Kickstarter campaign today for a project called Aesthletics in Moldova. The full project description, video, and funding links are here:

In brief: in August I will travel to Chisinau, Moldova to work with Chiosc, a public art organization to research contemporary sport practice in Moldova, to invent new sports, and to build a sport field somewhere in the city. We are going to investigate what happened to sport, specifically sport in the public sphere, once Moldova gained independence from the Soviet Union, and use that knowledge to build new sports with artists and the general public.

I am running a Kickstarter campaign for two reasons.

1) It couldn’t happen any other way. There are little funds available for experimental cultural projects in Moldova, and there are unavoidable costs to this project including translation and interpretation, graphic design, newspaper printing, and art and building materials for the field. Aesthletics has prided itself on its DIY and bare bones production style, and I have already avoided costs by getting some international travel paid for by a different project, but these fixed costs remain (not to mention 10% to Kickstarter and Amazon!) Any support, including spreading the word, will be greatly appreciated.

2) This is an amazing project, and there will be lots of cool stuff to give you! We are going to make a newspaper about the research project which will be fascinating( if I do say so myself), and I’ll be taking tons of photographs to make a series of limited edition prints. Plus I am making a very cool t shirt of the Chisinau Circus building, an iconic Soviet era building. Also if you are feeling very generous, you can buy the naming rights to the field we build!

For both myself and Chiosc, this sport project is somewhat uncharted waters, but we are excited to jump in.

For more information about Aesthletics and Chiosc you can visit our websites.

Thanks for your support!


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