ESC / EVS (European Solidarity Corps)

Open call for volunteers

Join us in building an artistic community in Chișinău, Moldova!

We are looking for an European Solidarity Corps volunteer, based in Spain and interested in contemporary art, cultural management and topics of public space and urban transformations, for a long term project in Moldova (Chisinau) [MD]
Volunteers will have the opportunity to:
– embrace a new culture and discover Romanian and Russian languages
– develop new ideas for socially engaged art projects
– plan and implement their own creative ideas

If you are interested please send your CV & motivation letter to:
deadline: 05.02.2023
project dates: June 2023 – May 2024
conditions: living & travel costs included
more info:

What is the European Solidarity Corps?
The European Solidarity Corps is the new European Union initiative which creates opportunities for young people to volunteer or work in projects in their own country or abroad that benefit communities and people around Europe. The young people who participate in the European Solidarity Corps will all agree with and uphold its Mission and Principles. You can register for the European Solidarity Corps when you are 17 years old, but you cannot start a project until you are over 18. European Solidarity Corps projects will be available to people up to the age of 30 years old. After completing a simple registration process, European Solidarity Corps participants could be selected and invited to join a wide range of projects, such as helping to prevent natural disasters or rebuild afterwards, assisting in centres for asylum seekers, or addressing different social issues in communities. Projects supported by the European Solidarity Corps can last from two to twelve months. They will usually be located within the European Union Member States.
More information about the European Solidarity Corps [FAQs]

Why volunteering in Oberliht?

Oberliht Association was founded in 2000 and aims to mobilize young artists in order to improve their professional skills and to grant the needed support so that they can integrate themselves in the local and international contemporary art scene. Deemed unimportant by the Moldovan government, culture and the arts receive very little funding, which is limited to state institutions and doesn’t include independent art and culture organizations among which is the Oberliht association. Therefore we heavily rely on the volunteers’ support and their energy to carry out our activities. By volunteering, we wish to support the local community and we appreciate any help that is willingly given. Apart from that, by working with volunteers, we hope to gain new experiences as well as raise awareness of our activities on an international level. Since 2009 we have successfully hosted several volunteers from different countries.

Participation in the project would contribute to the professional and personal development of the volunteer aiming at obtaining experience in art/culture project and events management. It will allow the volunteer to learn new languages and acquire new cultural experiences, to get to know the arts and culture scene from Moldova and from abroad, to establish new relations with artists, curators, cultural workers etc. as well as with the public attending the organized events. By carrying out different tasks, the volunteer would also acquire new practical skills. Meeting new people and working in a team as well as individuals are also an everyday reality. Although there are fixed tasks, there remains a lot of variety and space for new ideas. The volunteer tasks will be discussed upon volunteer arrival according to the current activities of the organization and motivation, abilities, and interests of the volunteer.

What does a volunteer do in Oberliht?

In regard to volunteers, we don’t expect specific experience, skills or education in any particular field, but we are looking for young people who are interested in art and culture, who embrace the values we share, are motivated to work as volunteers in order to support the local community and are not afraid to encounter difficulties, are ambitious but responsible, curious, open-minded and willing to learn, and are eager to cooperate with young people from other countries.
The following tasks take priority and need to be taken care of by volunteers:
– help running the FLAT SPACE, a small architectural unit that plays the role of a cultural info point and a public platform for participation (open 4 hours a day / 1-2 days a week). It is located on str. București 68/1, Chișinău;
– help running the Zpace, an exhibition place located on str. Al. Șciusev 2013, Chișinău. ;
– preparation and realization of public events, technical assistance (conferences, film screenings, presentations, etc.) in Flat Space and Zpace, coordination of different activities and events;
– assisting the artists/curators in residency in Chisinau (helping them to realize their artistic projects);
– manage the Public Space Library at ARThotel (str. Gh. Asachi 53/1, lit. A, Chișinău);
– working with computer & web-based applications: sending out press releases, blog/ website updates, mailing list management, database updates;
– developing relations with the public (distributing posters and flyers, contacting potential participants and partners);
– graphic design: creating posters / flyers;
– documentation of the events (taking photos, editing videos, writing texts);
– editing texts and other materials for POSTBOX, distribution of publications;
– office management (maintaining order and cleanliness in the workplace at the end of the day);
– and other tasks.

Volunteers are, however, also welcome to:
– realize creative and artistic works/ projects;
– make a research and write texts about the city and transformations of the public space;
– initiate workshops and other types of activities.

If you are interested please send your CV and a motivation letter to:
deadline for application: 15.01.2023

Oberliht activities links – click to download
Example of a working week – click to download
Moldova Public Holidays – click to download

Open call for mentors

A mentor is a person who likes to work with youngsters, and who is familiar with non-formal education and the setup of the ESC program. He/she is motivated to support the volunteer in their learning process and act as a guide in the hosting country during the whole period of volunteering project. Although a typical profile for a mentor doesn’t ́exist, it is often useful that the mentor is active, with availability, preferably with previous volunteer experience.
The main role of the mentor is providing personal support to volunteer and help with the integration into the local community.
The following list is the key tasks that a mentor can assume:
– before the arrival of the volunteer, prepare and provide him with an info-pack that includes the main information related to the hosting city/country, its culture and a map listing a selection of interesting points, the means of transportation available (advantages, costs, working hours…) and a map from “home” to the place of work;
– welcome the volunteer when he arrives: meet at the airport, helping to reach his/her flat;
– provide support within the learning process, for example helping the volunteer to draft the learning plan;
– discussing the learning achievements with the volunteer; helping to organize the learning achievements in view of the Youthpass certificate; participating in the meeting with the coordinator and the volunteer to evaluate the project and adapt the activities accordingly;
– in some moments, explain about religion, culture or other particular aspects, tradition of the hosting country will need to be presented to the volunteers;
– help the volunteer communicate with others and creates interaction opportunities for the volunteers within the local community;
– based on the trust and confidence support them in challenging situations. Play an important role in any conflict and crisis situation acting as a mediator, listener, and supporter.
Learn more about the role of mentor:
Mentor practical guide
How to guide for mentors

CRITERIA of selection:
– minimum 18 years old;
– availability during the whole period of ESC volunteering project;
– good skills of English language;
– high sense of responsibility;
– flexibility.
If you are interested please send your motivational letter and CV to

Active volunteers

Alicia Delgado Ruiz (age 23 / Spain / August 2023 – May 2024)

Hi, I’m Alicia and I’m 23 years old. I’m from Burgos, although I studied my degree (art history) in Madrid. It was just when I was about to finish my degree that the opportunity to volunteer with Oberliht came up. To be honest, before that I didn’t know much about Moldova, Chisinau or its culture. And, perhaps, that’s precisely why it piqued my curiosity – what other opportunity would I have to spend a long time in Chisinau working in an environment that was new to me? I think that at this point in my life this volunteering fit very well with my interests and goals. I’ve only been here for a few days and I’m already excited. I look forward to learning a lot more!

Former volunteers

Marina Rambliere (age 23 / France / August – December 2023)

I have been wanting to do an ESC program since a long time because I am really into long mobility projects. They enable me to deeply learn about a country, its lenguage(s) and its culture, which is something that really drives me. However, as a lot of travelers, I also cherish my home base, Bordeaux, which is a city that I chose and adore.

I’ve always search for more intercultural experiences, especially if they are around arts and literatures, which are true passions to me. I want to know a lot of different people, and meeting artists is something that have always taught me a lot. I now aim to work in the cultural field.

Working with Oberliht is a huge opportunity for me since it gathers everything that thrives me!

Maurice Grosbusch (age 26 / Luxembourg / June 2021 – June 2022)

I’m glad I found an opportunity to volunteer in an association which is organising activities based on topics related to urbanism and culture. I graduated in geography and I’m interested in contemporary forms of artistic expression. I feel inspired when surrounded by cultural workers, in Chisinau, a city I’ve never been to, and there is a lot to discover, to learn and to understand.

Pauline Bordaneil (age 29 / France / June – September 2019)

I’m here because I like to move, and be involved. I want to discover another art scene, another way of thinking and proceed. I want to meet the city, talk and work with it. It’s only the beginning but I can feel it, it’s going to be great. I know it will be different. I know it will change me, that’s why I’m in Chisinău for one year… (Who knows what will happen next?)

Elodie Mourier (age 28 / France / September 2017 – September 2018)

After 4 years of working in front of a computer in Paris, in audiovisuals companies, I needed to change my routine. I wanted to live abroad but not as a tourist, and wanted to work for an associative project. I am interested in bringing culture into public spaces and I wanted to discover eastern Europe, so the Oberliht project in Chișinău was perfect for me!

Katarína Jakubjaková (age 20/ Slovakia / July 2017 – July 2018)

During my first year at university in the capital of Slovakia I realized that more than in my studies I was interested in the culture life of the city. Soon I assumed that I needed to try to work in the field of culture and arts and experience its everyday reality personally to find out whether it is really the right thing for me. And Oberliht seemed to be the right place. Living in a foreign country and learning new language is an additional plus.

Anne Nicolle (age 26 / France / May 2018 – June 2018)
I was decided to have a new experience abroad, volunteer in another country to be useful to artistic associations because I have skills in this field thanks to my french job. I found the Oberliht association in Chisinau and I liked the project and was curious about this country I didn’t know. I’m now discovering and enjoying artistic life in Chisinau!

Haruka Tsukahara (age 21 / Japan / November 2018 – December 2018)

I have stopped my studies in university and have traveled several countries since the beginning of May, joining different volunteer programs. I was interested in art, because it always makes my life better (and it’s also different from my studies). Since staying in India for the Wall Art Project, I’ve been curious about art which has relation to public. That is why I felt that working in Oberliht is the best occasion to realize my hope.

Claire Besset (age 18/ France/ March 2016 – May 2017)

Several reasons encouraged me to choose Oberliht. In a way, it was an orientation matter. In fact, after a mistake of course choice, I wanted to know more about art and culture, to be sure to orientate my studies in the architecture, urbanism fields. Moreover, volunteering is a great opportunity to travel, discover unexcepted countries. It also provides you to adapt yourself to new situations. It is a personal challenge too.

“We never go as far as when we don’t know where we are going.” – Christopher Colombus

Jaime San Juan Fernández (age 28/ Spain/ October 2016- October 2017)

After finishing my studies in philosophy, and especially interested in aesthetics and contemporary art, I decided to accept the challenge of collaborating with an association committed to citizen activism, the defense of public space as a foundation, as well as the construction of cultural networks and promotion of young artists. All this in a country of European orbit, whose customs are still unknown for the rest of Europe.
A  different experience, uplifting and always enriching.

Jelka Kristiana Nierth (age 18/ Germany/ August 2016- iulie 2017)

After I have failed my exams in Germany, I had the opportunity to repeat these exams, or to complete a volunteer year. Actually it was my plan to study graphic design. But as the saying goes? “Every cloud has silver lining”. So I came up with the idea to work as a volunteer, but not in Germany. I always had in mind to leave Germany, in cause of some political, social and community reasons. And it really stimulated myself to learn more about other cultures, languages and traditions. My mother has found this organization at the Internet and quickly it becomes clear to me, that it is just right for me. Working with artists and to give up everything in art, has always been a dream of mine. So I learn, not only, more about my passion of art, or other political conditions in Eastern-Europe, but also (the really important) coordinating an organization. So I can give with great conviction the result ,that I learn here more, than in the last 12 given away years. I am thankful to be here in Moldova.

César Perales Morales (age 25 / Spain / October 2015 – July 2016)

During my last year studying Fine Arts I was worrying about the future. I didn’t want to stay in the same city looking for a boring job so I decided to find an EVS project that could help me to improve my knowledge. Then I found Oberliht, an association in Chisinau which cares about public spaces and helps emerging young artists.

Before I found the association I didn’t know anything about Chisinau. Then I realized that it could be a city full with new experiences. Now after spending two weeks here I’m so surprised at the cityscape and at Moldovan culture, which will help me to develop myself as a person and as an artist.

Liselotte van Vliet (age 27 / Netherlands / August 2015 – August 2016)

There are today many people moving from the east to the west, but as most evs volunteers, I decided to swim a bit against the stream and settle eastwards in Moldova. Oberliht has attracted me for its promotion of contemporary art. Art can be a powerful tool to set to provoke thought, discussion, silence or amazement– and I welcome them all.

Duszan Augustyn (age 26 / Poland / May 2015 – May 2016)

After I had finished my Master studies in field of Management I wanted to develop myself in areas that interested me the most. Oberliht is a social movement of people who cares about city and in longer attitude for shape and condition of society. In times when capital, developers and investors are more and more intensively entering in common public area without taking care about people living there – resist is need. And because Art is powerful form of resist – here I am.

Giuliana Califano (age 29 / Italy / January 2015 – January 2016)

I was spending a half-sleeping time in Italy during last years, so I have decided to take a break and travel where the wind would push me. Eastern Europe has always attracted me with her undefined chaos and with her bare architecture, so when I saw the opportunity to do a voluntary service in the artistic and cultural life of Chișinău, I have jumped at that opportunity.

It would be also a good occasion to put myself to the test and discover which kind of works I am able to create and if the art could be a way to sharing energy and ideas with people and removing prejudices and fears.

Kinga Lendeczki (age 26 / Hungary / January 2015 – September 2015)

After one year of volunteering in Chisinau I was glad to have the opportunity to come back and collaborate with Oberliht. I was fascinated by the peculiarity of Moldova and the cityscape of Chisinau. I would like to discover more from this special country and culture and to reveal more from its unexploited possibilities.

Valentin Hénault (age 20 / France / March-September 2014)

I wanted to come in Chisinau because I knew it would be completely different from the cities I already knew and I could see my life taking another colour here. Between the huge market, the crowded trolleybus and the unreal big shopping malls, I’m not disappointed. With Oberliht, I wanted to work inside Chisinau and about the capital, through reflection and imagination.

Gaëlle Mège (age 25 / France / July 2013 – June 2014)

To do a travel & live abroad.
To meet people & share with them experiences.
To get to know artistic field.
So, I’m here.

Antoine Fourmy (age 23 / France / May 2013 – April 2014)

I decided to take part in Oberliht’s project in order to broaden my horizon to a new culture, as I’d always been living in France so far. I hope this gap year will allow me to have a good assessment of the Moldovan art scene, learn romanian and improve my command over the Russian language, and experience the Moldovan way of life!

Asta Slapikaite (age 23 / Lithuania / April 2013 – March 2014)

I believe that life gives us many opportunities and I took EVS as one of them. It opens you the different place of the world which is full of new findings – different language, people, culture, politics, life…and you can be part of it.

Bianca Stumptner (age 18 / Austria / August 2012 – July 2013)

I wanted to gain experience in the field of Art and get an idea of what to do after this year. It also is a step into the direction of my dream to travel around the world and learn more about different cultures.

Laura Bohigas Vendrell (age 26 / Catalonia / July 2012 – March 2013)

I wanted to understand contemporary art and the artists that create it. I wanted to know how cultural organizations work from the inside, and not from the outside. I wanted to live in Eastern Europe, in a sovietic building and go by tram every day. I wanted to learn Romanian and improve my Russian. So here I am

Johanna Michiels (age 25 / Netherlands / June 2012 – March 2013)

Be attracted by the unknown and inspired by the undiscovered

Rosanna Wedel (Germany): August 2011 – June 2012

Likes: Fruits, kittens, sleep, romance novels, baking
Dislikes: Dogs, dishonesty, mushrooms, cigarettes
Wants to: gain experiences & broaden horizon

Berkhan Çağlar Karaduman (Turkey): January – April 2012

Isabel Sanchez Villena (Spain): August 2011 – May 2012

I didn’t know very well where it was nor how it was, but thanks to the few things I could find on the Internet I fell in love with Chisinau: its never-ending parks with lakes, its music, its culture, …
Furthermore I got the chance to work in Oberliht and improve my art and design skills.
Why Moldova? Why not!

Isabel’s thoughts on EVS:
Our present actions and experiences form our future.
Thanks to these experiences we can grow. For this reason it is very important that we get to know our world, its different cultures and its people.
We need to observe, to analyse and to reflect on all things around us to be able to choose our own way.
The goal of the EVS programme is to help young people to reach all these things, to increase their knowledge, to grow.
When young people gain experiences as volunteers, in the future they will be able to make their decisions with the necessary knowledge.
Would you like to have a pleasant experience working as a volunteer?
If you want to, you can. You don’t need to meet any requirements. You can choose among a lot of projects.
While working as a volunteer, you can discover other countries, other cultures and you can work in your favourite field.
But you mustn’t forget that the most important thing is the project not the country.

Ana Lucia Nobre (Portugal): August – November 2011

Ana Nobre is a Visual Artist and Communication Designer, graduate of the University of Lisbon’s Faculty for Fine Arts. With a Master’s Degree in Art and Multimedia – Instalation Art and Performance – her body of work centers these and other areas.

Jasna Zwimpfer (Switzerland): August 2011

Working at Oberliht in Chisinau, learning habits and languages, exploring personalities and vegetables, discovering facets of the former Soviet Union. Pure enrichment!

Aya Maria Urhammer (Denmark): July – August 2010

Hanna Sirge (Estonia): February – July 2011

Maud Revol (France): July 2010 – June 2011

Working for Oberliht and being a volunteer in Moldova made me even more curious about various things such as Art of course but also culture, social sciences and politics in Europe and in the world. It’s been so far, the most beautiful experience of my life.
Photo: Jakob Schmitt, Chisinau 2011

Diana Arosio (Italy): January 2010 – January 2011

I live in a white coloured flat with a green door. My friends say it looks like a museum inside, because it is full of paintings and furnitures made by my family.
Main task at Oberliht: artistic work
Like: a lot of things, painting, to create things with my hands, to feel free.
Dislike: to have a boss over me, to be bored and to stay to long time at one place.
One thing I can’t leave the house without?
I don’t have anything, because the most important things don’t travel with me. They stay at home.
If I were something conected to art, what would I be?
An artist, because that is what I am.

Felix Reisbeck (Germany): January 2010 – July 2010

Main task at Oberliht: Announcment and CHIOSC.
Like: music, soccer, traveling
Dislike: snow, winter, wintersports (pretty much anything which is connected to winter)
One thing I can’t leave home without?
My ipod, because in what ever situation I am in it can usually be improved with music.
If I were something conected to art, what would I be?
I think I would be “The picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde, since it is a nice book and narcissism is fascinating and repellent at the same time.

Helen Brandt (Sweden): January 2010 – July 2010

I love to travel and meet new people, learn new things and share experiences. I like to discover the world with my camera and I always have a lot of ideas of new projects and try to put them to action.
Working at Oberliht and living in Moldova was a great experience and I learned a lot about culture, art, society and project managment and gained some really good friends.

Silke Hueper (Germany): August 2008

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